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Thanks for showing me around last night hope you don’t think I don’t care, ‘cuz I do I just don’t know if I should feel this bad about you.

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Hate me

i hate u v much
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Observing alert – Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks this week
Watch for the southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower to peak over the next two mornings July 29-30. The best time for viewing for northern observers will be the hour before the start of dawn.
Image credit: John Chumack
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Week: 1 January - 10 February 2013
First film of 2013.
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Rem Koolhaas Seattle Public Library Red Hall 03 by v8media on Flickr.
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"La Grande Odalisque" (detail) 1814 — Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres — French — Oil on canvas — The Louvre